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Irina, Kiev, Ukraine, 33, Hair colour black, I think I have steady and joyful character. I highly value sincerity in other people and ability to love and care about the dear people. I greatly want to create the strong family that will be based on love and mutual understanding. 
I like to spend my free time with my dear person and my friends. I like the nature and to read an interesting book when I have free time. Elena, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 28, Hair colour blond, I am a very kind, intelligent and responsible girl. I am very active and communicative, but I am shy for a little! I can find the common language with everybody and I don't like to quarrel. I am easy-going and cheerful, and I like to live! Viktoria, Kiev, Ukraine, 41, Hair colour blond, I am very serious about relations.  I am kind, tender, intelligent, I do not like to argue Ė I am very peaceful person, I  have a smile on my face and treat people the way I want to be treated by them. I am very soft and tender by nature, sensual  lady. I am very easy-going person. I have mature heart and my dreams and wishes are serious. Anastasiya, Melitopol, Ukraine, 20, Hair colour auburn, I can not say that I have an ideal character and I am as good as gold! At the same time I am a caring, supportive and kind girl. I would never leave someone in trouble and I am ready to divide my last food in two halves and share it with you. I trust people easily and I am very lucky enough to meet only good ones in my life. Margarita, Kiev, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour blond, I am very kind and attentive, sociable and easy-going person. I am always ready to listen to my beloved people who need to be listened to. Sometimes itís absolutely necessary for each of us. So I am always ready to help. Besides it I like to set and achieve goals. It brings me a sort of pleasure.
Irina Elena Viktoria Anastasiya Margarita
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Alesya, Kiev, Ukraine, 37, Hair colour black, I adore travelling, and it doesn't matter where to go - everywhere it is interesting to me, though I prefer warm countries. Foreign countries attract me very much and I would like to know more about them. I like visiting theatres, concerts, cinemas and exhibitions. I enjoy communicating with easy-going, active, intelligent, cheerful people who I share interests with.;I am a cheerful, reliable and optimistic person. I like to make pleasant surprises to my friends and people whom I love, I like to make presents because it s very pleasant to see people happy smile while he or she is accepting it...: ) id: 5507
Name: Alesya
Country: Ukraine
Age: 37
Svetlana, Kiev, Ukraine, 26, Hair colour blond, I'm  optimist. I like to bring good mood to a people and see smiles on their faces.  To make mistakes is a human's juice so I try just to pass some unpleasant moments. I am kind and soft person.I like to create coziness in my house for everyone who enters it to feel themselves at their own home. id: 4766
Name: Svetlana
Country: Ukraine
Age: 26
Natalia, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour auburn, I am young and active. Always surrounded by friends, lots of events and positive emotions. I love to be around nice people,  and my friends say I can turn everybody into my friend. So I assume I have a good way with people. I love music and do sports dancing myself. I like keeping myself fit and in a good humour. Figure skating is also among my hobbies. I like walking outdoors and enjoy beautiful sceneries of nature. When at home, I like relaxing and spend cozy evenings with my family sometimes inviting friends for coffee and cake. id: 5301
Name: Natalia
Country: Ukraine
Age: 35
Irina, Kiev, Ukraine, 40, Hair colour blond, The most important thing, that you can do for loved people, is to become happy yourself. id: 5331
Name: Irina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 40
Yanita, kiev, Ukraine, 27, Hair colour brunette, I am an optimistic and cheerful person . I am  attractive,  feminine and I know how to make  my home cozy. I  like to laugh a lot because I think the happier I am the happier will be all  people. I love everything in life and I think that it is wonderful. Life is full of surprises and  miracles and I am willing to reveal them all or at least as many as I can :). I am a giving  person and I would love to give all of me to the man Iíll love. 
I appreciate intelligence, decency and sincerity in man. I hope that my  man loves  me and my  son and he will receive the same in return. And I will do everything possible  to make our  future life happy. id: 4178
Name: Yanita
Country: Ukraine
Age: 27
Yulia, Kiev, Ukraine, 40, Hair colour dark brown, trust the actions. The real actions show me the love but not just the words. And I am ready to give you everything is I see that it is mutual. My friends tell me that I am a stylish, kind-hearted, reliable, and positive lady. I am a responsible, hard-working, well-organized, neat, careful, very attractive, sexy, slim, well-educated, religious, emotionally stable and sociable lady with a good sense of humor. I like and appreciate beauty. I am a good mother and reliable friend. I like to take care of myself and the things I have. I like new and good impressions. I like good jokes, interesting events, dancing, art, fashion, taking photos, driving. I smile when I see the small children and beautiful things, simple things in life. I am proud of the way I live and the ability to communicate with people, good taste and optimism. I am grateful to God and my parents for my life. id: 5351
Name: Yulia
Country: Ukraine
Age: 40
Irina, Melitopol, Ukraine, 25, Hair colour auburn, Speaking about my character, I would like to say that Iím very artistic person. I donít like common approach to things. I like to do everything differently. I know that some people may donít like it, but it doesnít matter to me. I think that one should live life to never regret any thing he/she has done. id: 4199
Name: Irina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 25
Ekaterina, Simferopol, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour auburn, I am easy going and creative. It is not a problem for me to take quick decisions and to find the way out from the difficult situation. I usually know what I want and get it, even I should spend a lot of time and affords. id: 4200
Name: Ekaterina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 31
Aleksandra, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour blond, I am open and sincere person. I think I am also romantic and tender, and I believe that love is what really makes life worthwhile. I like reading, going to exhibitions, concerts, particularly of classical music, in my free time I also like going to gym. I am quite extrovert and I enjoy meeting people. id: 4201
Name: Aleksandra
Country: Ukraine
Age: 35
Alena, Kiev, Ukraine, 37, Hair colour blond, I am honest, sincere, careful.  I dream to feel safe in my sweetheart's embrace, to love and be loved, to feel that we need each other. I believe in a stable, friendly family with well-established traditions, in which husband and wife respect and care about each other, help each other through any difficulties. id: 4202
Name: Alena
Country: Ukraine
Age: 37
Lyudmila, Kiev (Kremenchug), Ukraine, 35, Hair colour brown, I am family oriented, loving, protecting, tender, charismatic, sincere, intuitive, spiritual, honest, humorous, intelligent, faithful and romantic. I love to discuss things   I value sincerity in people most of all. I don't accept double-dealing. I like everything that is beautiful and unusual in my life. id: 5347
Name: Lyudmila
Country: Ukraine
Kiev (Kremenchug)
Age: 35
Inna, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 30, Hair colour blond, My main feature of the character is optimism. And I think its help me to maintain all of my life steps. I do not like to be lonely.   It is very important for me to be together with the friends and people, dear and close to me.It is considered that I am womanly, charming and cheerful. It is told still that the holiday and atmosphere is usually created when I come to the visit, responsive, kind, generous, respect other people's interests, romantic, tender. id: 5236
Name: Inna
Country: Ukraine
Age: 30
Alla, Kiev, Ukraine, 34, Hair colour auburn, I love life and everything about it! id: 4204
Name: Alla
Country: Ukraine
Age: 34
Angelika, kiev, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour blond, I am kind, honest, trustful, able to be in love and to be beloved, fair, even-tempered. It is easy for me to forgive, so my character is not too strong. I have sense of humor, thatís why I am used to be in big circles of friends and laugh a lot, but the same time I am very serious as for creating the relationship and having a family. id: 4205
Name: Angelika
Country: Ukraine
Age: 31
Daria, Kiev, Ukraine, 29, Hair colour blond, I am a tender, compassionate, sensitive, and reliable person; that will always stand by her beloved and will be the good one to listen and to give advice ... Talking about love and relations. I want to have it all, to feel the strong shoulder next to me. id: 4207
Name: Daria
Country: Ukraine
Age: 29
Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 42, Hair colour auburn, I can say that I am a person, which can control herself in any situation. Almost nothing and nobody can make me go out of my mind. I am a very kind person, that's why I am surrounded by a big amount of friends. I have a motto of my life: id: 4210
Name: Elena
Country: Ukraine
Age: 42
Irina, Kiev, Ukraine, 28, Hair colour blond, I am things interested, house keeping, read, nature, physical training, automobiles and lots different, family-oriented. I am a serious,intelligent, practical, romantic, honest person, have a stable character,without harmful habits and manners, warm. And also I find many concurrences of your outlooks on life to mine. id: 4214
Name: Irina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 28
Marina, Kiev, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour dark brown, I am a young, attractive woman, who sets-up harmoniously. I am also intellectually mature. Speaking about my character - I am a many-sided woman. I like cleanness; I am hard working, purposeful, honest, and careful, with a sense of humor person. Speaking about my temperament - I am a sanguine person. 
 I love sea, beach. I go to concerts, show, cinema. I admire live music-like organ, saxophone. I enjoy comedies. Besides, I love taking walks downtown. I can cook. I also, like animals, to have a rest on the nature, to watch art and architecture. id: 5056
Name: Marina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 31

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Irina, Kiev, Ukraine, 33, Hair colour black, I think I have steady and joyful character. I highly value sincerity in other people and ability to love and care about the dear people. I greatly want to create the strong family that will be based on love and mutual understanding. 
I like to spend my free time with my dear person and my friends. I like the nature and to read an interesting book when I have free time.
Irina, 33
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