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Elena, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 29, Hair colour blond, I am a very kind, intelligent and responsible girl. I am very active and communicative, but I am shy for a little! I can find the common language with everybody and I don't like to quarrel. I am easy-going and cheerful, and I like to live! Viktoria, Kiev, Ukraine, 40, Hair colour blond, I am very serious about relations.  I am kind, tender, intelligent, I do not like to argue – I am very peaceful person, I  have a smile on my face and treat people the way I want to be treated by them. I am very soft and tender by nature, sensual  lady. I am very easy-going person. I have mature heart and my dreams and wishes are serious. Margarita, Kiev, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour blond, I am very kind and attentive, sociable and easy-going person. I am always ready to listen to my beloved people who need to be listened to. Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary for each of us. So I am always ready to help. Besides it I like to set and achieve goals. It brings me a sort of pleasure. Marianna, Kiev, Ukraine, 28, Hair colour brown, I am very attractive, nice, sweet, clever, careful, attentive, tactful, 

sociable, open-hearted, and communicative. I have a good body. As for my positive features, all my friends tell that I am easy-going and I am searching for somebody who'll change my life. Vitalina, Bucha, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour blond, I am kind, honest, cheerful, reliable, calm, understanding, sensitive
Elena Viktoria Margarita Marianna Vitalina
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Lucy, Simferopol, Ukraine, 21, Hair colour auburn, In my life I like history, I like to dance, to swim, to play billiards, to go to  nature, play the piano,to paint by oil, make art photos , to go to antique shops 
 and trip around the world. id: 5151
Name: Lucy
Country: Ukraine
Age: 21
Viktoriya, Melitopol, Ukraine, 33, Hair colour black, I am quick tempered and direct. I can’t be dishonest but sometimes would like to when situations require this!  I love to tricks and merry company of my friends. At the same time I love my house, I love coziness and peaceful evening with my daughter and my mom. 
I am very emotional, I cannot hide my feelings. id: 4587
Name: Viktoriya
Country: Ukraine
Age: 33
Katerina, Odessa, Ukraine, 34, Hair colour blond, I'll tell you later. Ich erzaehle Dir spaeter. Ti raccontero dopo. id: 4928
Name: Katerina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 34
Svetlana, Poltava, Ukraine, 27, Hair colour brown, I like communication, trip outdoors, spend the time in the friends' circle, visit museums, galleries, fashion boutiques and beauty salons. I like to read belles-lettres, cookery, music and sport. I go to the gym and shaping. I try to keep my body in a good physical form. id: 4799
Name: Svetlana
Country: Ukraine
Age: 27
Yulia, Kiev (Kirovograd), Ukraine, 26, Hair colour black, I have sweet and pretty calm character. I think I am even-tempered, friendly and merry person. I always try to find common language with people because I like communication. Besides I could never say that I am hot-temper girl. When I have free time I like to play billiards, listen to music and I honestly adore Internet chatting. id: 4852
Name: Yulia
Country: Ukraine
Kiev (Kirovograd)
Age: 26
Anastasiya, Melitopol, Ukraine, 23, Hair colour brown, Banal epithets are not enough to describe my inner world. :) I love this life and I am passionate about it. I love children and they love me. :) I am a girl with family values and I long to build a strong and reliable rear for my future family. id: 5254
Name: Anastasiya
Country: Ukraine
Age: 23
Vita, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 27, Hair colour auburn, I'm a happy and an optimistic person. I have a good sense of humor and consider myself a good woman. I think my main shortcoming is that I'm hot-tempered sometimes, but this normally doesn't affect my relations with people. My character is quite inconstant. I`m an easy-going person, but at the same time can be homebody. Incorrigible optimist :) Combine determination and gentleness. In controversial situations try to find a compromise solution. I value family and people close to me, I love children. I think that id: 5190
Name: Vita
Country: Ukraine
Age: 27
Tanya, Kiev, Russia, 40, Hair colour black, I have positive outlook towards the world around!  I have got a good sense of humor.  I appreciate faithfulness and honesty. I am very  family-oriented . id: 5406
Name: Tanya
Country: Russia
Age: 40
Ирина, Харьков, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour brown, Я творческий человек. Красивая,добрая, целеустремленная,яркая ,жизнерадостная девушка.  У меня хорошо развито чувство вкуса и стиля. Мое воображение помогает мне воспринимать мир. Желание познавать мир, желание создавать и желание любить - все это составляющие моей жизни. id: 4240
Name: Ирина
Country: Ukraine
Age: 35
Ionitseva, Melitopol, Ukraine, 25, Hair colour brown, I am a kind, open and sincere person. I know that life is a wonderful thing and after the black line the white line comes, I believe that every problem can be passed and every misunderstanding can be decided if both people want it. 
I am an optimistic and funny person, I can laugh at myself. I don’t judge people and don’t talk behind one’s back. 
I consider myself being a sociable person; I like to talk and to discuss different themes exchanging minds and experience… id: 4252
Name: Ionitseva
Country: Ukraine
Age: 25
Yuliya, Melitopol, Ukraine, 37, Hair colour blond, I am active and gregarious; try to be open and usually not afraid to start talking to people first. I consider my character as balanced and purposeful. Usually I reach the aims even it costs me a lot of time and affords. I have a good sense of humor; this helps me to live happy life. I am may be one of those last romantics who still believe in pure feelings and real love. id: 4254
Name: Yuliya
Country: Ukraine
Age: 37
Elena, Melitopol, Ukraine, 29, Hair colour black, I am very kind and simple girl without special demands and needs. I prefer to give whether than to take and do not ask for anything instead of my attention and love. 
I am very gregarious and openhearted, I love to laugh and to be in a big companies. id: 4282
Name: Elena
Country: Ukraine
Age: 29
Vita, Sumy, Ukraine, 38, Hair colour blond, It is very difficult to tell about myself, but it seems to me that I'm cheerful, sensitive and sympathetic person. I find myself as a tradition woman, I like cook. I imagine my family as a unit of two soul mates, people who love each other. I'd like to be with my husband for all time, who will be the centre of my small universe. I want to meet a man who will really love me. If you find me like a woman you are looking for, I'll be glad to receive your answer. Hope to see you soon and to know you better. id: 4263
Name: Vita
Country: Ukraine
Age: 38
Olesya, Kiev, Ukraine, 31, Hair colour blond, Im calm, even-tempered, interesting and kind. Though if somebody makes me mad or  disappointed, I know how to defend myself:) Sometimes Im a little bit shy and Im not  the one who will demand anything from you. I always try to understand people and  help them if they are in trouble. Im reliable and you can lean on me when you are not  strong, Ill help you to carry on. id: 4334
Name: Olesya
Country: Ukraine
Age: 31
Olga, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour black, I’m goal oriented, easy going and always ready to listen. I’m able to show my will in  difficult situations and to make a quick decision. I like comfort and home coziness. I  dream about children and being a good mother to them. I’m optimist in any situation  and I take life with a smile. I want to my goals to be accomplished. id: 4335
Name: Olga
Country: Ukraine
Age: 36
Svetlana, kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour blond, It can sound banal but I like to do simple things such as watching interesting films, go to 
the theatre. I like dancing very much and I am fond of animals. id: 4336
Name: Svetlana
Country: Ukraine
Age: 35
Tamara, Kiev, Ukraine, 28, Hair colour auburn, I am very sociable and have many friends, but I wish I have a person, who will share my dreams and my interests and will support me in every way. id: 4338
Name: Tamara
Country: Ukraine
Age: 28
Tatiana, Kiev, Ukraine, 33, Hair colour blond, Perhaps I wouldn't sound unique and unusual, but I would say that I try to treat people  in the same way I want to be treated. Respect, honesty is very important for me. I was  brought up according to these qualities. I want my kids to grow the same. Also I am a very kind and open person, I hate being alone and suffer from being lonely. id: 4339
Name: Tatiana
Country: Ukraine
Age: 33

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Elena, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 29, Hair colour blond, I am a very kind, intelligent and responsible girl. I am very active and communicative, but I am shy for a little! I can find the common language with everybody and I don't like to quarrel. I am easy-going and cheerful, and I like to live!
Elena, 29
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